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Looking for couples willing to share their story for an unbiased TV pilot

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Hey there! I am looking for cousin couples in the US, ideally age 30 or under (but plenty of wiggle room there).

I am exploring this relationship dynamic for documentary style project for a pilot. With all the stigma and even negativity directed at this small but definitely present margin of the population, we wish to find couples who are willing to share their romantic stories and their perspective. The pilot will not take a stance on romantic cousin relationships, rather let the audience make their decisions and opinions from how our couples present their story in their own words.

I am hoping to connect with some couples who will speak openly to be considered as part of our presentation.

I am happy to answer any questions and discuss further details of the project, and of course simply getting in touch with me does not mean you are bound to contribute!

If you and your mate are willing to chat with me, please email me at [email protected] and we can arrange a time to talk. Though I don't check my messages more than once a week, you may also call me at the office to chat or ask questions: 212.683.3086 x 169

My goal is to find great personalities who might be able to dispel misconceptions and tear down stigmas. I am limited to couples in the US and Canada, and because of the network demographic, I have been asked to find couples under age 30- that said, I would not count anyone willing to share if they have a great story and an enthusiasm for for sharing and shedding light.

Thanks so much for the read!

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Thanks Lady K! And I am happy to speak in person, verify that I am not Jerry Springer, and give whatever details I was unable to provide in the post! I am a legit Casting Director from a reputable Production Company, and this project is nothing but an unbiased look at a slice of life that a lot of Americans have misconceptions about- there is no "spin", just a desire to present examples of real people willing to candidly share their experience and let the viewer decide how they feel!

Give me a hollar with questions!!

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