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Do you think she is in love with me?

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Hey. I'm really glad that I've found this place. Finally am not alone in this world. Sometimes all we need is a place where we can share our deep secrets that we can never share with anyone without being judged wrong. A great cheers to the administrators and peoples who created this forum.  :smiley:

Am sorry in advance because this is going to be lengthy. I tried to give all information as that people can understand my situation and give me honest opinions.

Am a guy from Chennai, south India, 19 yrs old, doing my 2nd second year in college. Am an average guy, I was appreciated by many peoples that i do have good character. At that time i was invited to a birthday party of my cousin's daughter, that where i met my female cousin after a long time. When i saw her my heart whispered to me" Oh my god, She is beautiful than before". All the feelings that were hidden for a long time came to overflow again, but i controlled myself. I had a big crush on her since from my childhood. At young ages we often meet during our holidays. Me, her and my other cousin (her brother) were used to play, hang around everyday during our vacation. But at that time i was not sure about my feeling because I was young. Later things changed,we had huge problem in my family and we stopped visiting our relatives including them. This is was the first time i met her after five years and those feelings remained the same. But am always afraid what if she doesn't feel the same. But things were started to go in a unexpected way. I starts to get vibe like she likes me. I was too  Surprised and also confused at the time. Because Still am not sure about it. Well i list out the things that she started to do suddenly which seems different to me.

1. Many times i catch her eyes staring at me. Not once many times. But whenever i catch her she either looks away or pretends to look something else. I read somewhere "If the girl plays with her hair, necklace while staring at you or talking to you then it means she likes you". This is exactly what happened there.

Am I over thinking?

2. I used to tease her since from my childhood but all she remained is quiet or teases me back. But this time when i do the same she started to tickles me with her big blushing smile. That's lovely of her. I always like that. I don't know is this common for every cousin in the world. But i felt different. Because i've many other female cousins who never do the same. In fact she never did this to any of our cousins.

Do i look different in her eyes?

3.During that time i was in break up with my ex, since we don't see future together. When I told about my ex to my cousin and showed a photo of her, all she did is putting down my ex and turns to upset. Whenever i introduced a topic of my ex she either turns angry or leave the place suddenly. what's going here?

4. I already told i've many other female cousins. One of them likes me. I know this very well. In fact she also knows that. Me and that other cousin starts to talk on that day. Suddenly i felt a feeling that someone is seeing, so i turned my heads to see who's is that? that where she is standing there, looking at us( me and my other cousin who likes me) unconsciously. I asked her what's she is looking at. She regained her knowledge and pretends to look somewhere. This is also happens many times when i was talking with other girls or any of my female cousins. Is jealously is flying here?

5. My beautiful always gets sad whenever i was about to leave. Yeah this is happening since from our childhood. Either she asks me not to leave or simply go into quiet and upset state. This goes for me too.

Still there are many things left to tell but i don't want those who reads to be bored.

This all happened before four months. She is living about 3 hours from me. By the way she's 18 and am 19 told u already. I've her number and we text each other everyday and talk about nothing. She even hinted me that she missing me and want to see me. I felt the same. Some days her father didn't allowed her to use phone due to some stupid customs. Oh man i forget to realize that am in India where tradition and customs are still followed and by the way her family is a conservative one. So now we are not in touch that makes to miss her badly. But still am not sure whether she loves me more than cousin or am over thinking here?

I know i came to a right place.There are many peoples who are either had been in or in my situation. Meanwhile  there are many lovely people who try to help others, I hope u guys help me too. If additional information needed i'll there to update. Helpful comments are welcomed.


Love from India :)

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glad to hear dat u r from india too!!! felt a relief dat ,yes whatever i am thinking or feeling ,i am not alone,people are there in the orthodox society. dont rush. things may go upside down.give hints abt ur luv fr her. when confirmed, propose her.if ir family allows,go ahead and marry her.becoz once on a lyftym god bestows u wid true love.if she is fit fr i dnt let hr go.

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That's good to hear you are also from india too. :)

Anyway Our family is not a big deal. Because i live in place where we can marry mother's brother daughter/son and so i can carry her and she too knows that.But My only concern is all about her what if she doesn't D feel. Am gonna meet her within two months. Can u give me any suggestions how to tell her am also in love with her without being too direct or desperate?

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"Easier said than it's done"

Nowadays i feel so nervous to talk with her. I can't see directly in her eyes. Gone little shy around her. I don't why it's happening to me. This is the reason why i can't tell her how i feel. I know am a man, I should make the first move. But still there is something inside me that makes so nervous  :(

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Not exactly but somewhat. It's kind of mixed. I know many people here who are yet to tell their cousin will feel the same. But anyway we are gonna meet within few months and i try my best to let her know. If there is a green signal then i'll propose her in a most beautiful and special place which she likes the most !

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