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I have feelings for my cousin once removed. Need help please!

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Hey everyone,

  I need your help everyone. My cousin once removed and I dated for 3 months. She broke up with me because her stupid roomie told her that we were related and its strange. We still talk to each other everyday, but not as bf and gf terms. It has been 3 months already and still cant see her as my relative. I still see her as my gf, but i havent told her fearing that she might block me or something. I really love her. She is caring, loving, great motivator, courageous, etc. She completes me and without her I feel alone and hopeless. I love her so much. I just wish she gave me another chance. If she does, I promise to take good care of her, marry her, and give her something that her Dad didn't: promise to be with her throughout her life. The thing is she told me that she sees as her brother, nothing else. Can anyone please tell me how to get her back? I cannot live without her. I really want her back in life. I've been crying out loud for the past week or so because I love her so much. :'(

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so how old are the two of you?

we can't really tell you how to get her back. that varies from person to person. and you may never get her back! but tell her you met this wacky old lady online at some crazy site called cousincouples.com that married her first cousin once removed 15 years ago, and that the wacky lady said if your friends can't support ya, then they aren't worth rooming with.

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So, you date for 3 months, her roommate tells her that it's gross to date your cousin, she breaks up with you and then tells you she only sees you as a brother and now you're afraid that she might"block" you?  Hmmmmm....  She sounds flaky to me.

If you really want a chance to get her back, you're gonna have to cool your heels.  You seem desperate and overly emotional and frankly, that may be what's keeping her from you.  I don't mean to sound harsh, but women can tell when a man is being needy and it's a turn off.  Even though I'm sure you are not crying in her presence, there's probably something in your tone of voice or your choice of words when you speak to her that makes her step back from you.

My advice is to go on with your life,  Let her see that you can be happy and content without her.  Let her see you being confident and successful in your life - not that's a turn on for a woman.  You don't have to completely cut her out of your life, but don't call/text/IM/ snap chat, etc every day.  Maybe she will reconsider her decision - maybe she won't.  If she doesn't, then you gotta pick up the pieces of your broken heart and move on.  Simple?  Yes.  Easy?  No. 

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