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Having a really hard time letting go, but can't tell anyone.

Guest ElizabethM

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Guest ElizabethM

Sorry for posting again on this site, but I am feeling so emotional and I have nowhere else that I can even open up about this scenario.

It's been a month since I gave up hope on my cousin.

I've been going insane holding all my emotions inside.  When I brought up missing my cousin to my sister (she doesn't know), her response was "Get over it. Why do you even care so much?".

It's been the biggest heartbreak I've ever gone through, which is not surprising as many here seem to think cousins are extra-hard to get over.

I feel like my time with him was a commodity I realized was precious only after it was too late.

This whole situation has been tough because normally, when one has romance troubles, they can speak with a parent, sibling, or friend about it. Due to the sensitive nature of my predicament, I really can't disclose what's been going on to other members of my family.  I just feel so hopeless and lost, especially since I know I've lost his friendship. I keep thinking of upcoming family events and it's very nerve wracking and upsetting.

*Sigh* I really just needed to vent and know I was in a safe space to do so.

If anyone reads this, I'll be shocked. :P

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I'm so sorry you are having such pain.  Please do post any time you feel in need of support - that is what we are here to do.  I won't tell you all the "common" things people sometimes say, but I assure you that we do care for you and wish you strength to cope with your emotions.

You can always send me a private message.  I will respond.  You are not alone when you come here.



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