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debraw962    0

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years.  We are first cousins and live in upstate NY.  His exwife is going for custody of their 16 year old son because she says that we are first cousins and doesn't want him exposed to this.  He talked to his lawyer when we first got together and the lawyer said there was nothing she could do. I know I'm worrying for nothing, but does anyone else have similar situations or words of advice?  Thanks!

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Nattana    17

Well, she may not  be able to do anything legally, but she can certainly cause you and your cousin a lot of anxiety.  Does the boy live with his father? 

Is she trying to keep him from seeing his father?  Is the boy aware of your situation?

I'm glad you've come to us - we will give you support and encouragement.



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LadyC    94

true she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on, but the boy is 16... isn't he old enough to decide where he wants to live? (in texas, the judge gives a lot of weight to where a child over the age of 12 wants to live... and the older the kid is, the more weight the kids wishes are given.)

in any case, no matter who gets custody, be aware that at 16 he's going to be way more into hanging around girls than visiting his non-custodial parent.

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