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little but for sure hints your cousin likes you?

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:shocked:Right, I'm falling for my cousin and I'm terrified because I cannot getaway from him weere moving 2 doors away from him and my auntie! I feel like I need space ubut he's very close to my dad, its just so draining having to hide all of what I feel all the time, I even accidentally when I was drunk let it slip and asked him for a hug when he walked me home. Ever since then we just nod to eachother goodbye around he's uncle and my auntie... He'll make me a drink and then say, 'there's a drink there abs' and I'd be like 'urm what?god how longs it been there' and he'd nervously laugh going no I just poured it for you whilst looking out the window. Also, my dad would be chatting going 'ah I really like her!' (This girl on tv) and he'd be going 'you no when there's just something about someone? You get that don't you? No what I mean corr she does that to me' (me and him was sitting there awkwardly) it was so hard for me to not look at him, and when he replied he said, 'yh I know what your saying, but he'll look away at the window whilst saying it.  I don't know if he does it to try hide it or what.  Also he saw me without makeup today, really unwell and a breakout in abit of acne and I was so terrified that he'll be put off me yet hoping he will be to make my life easier. I cannot take it, he's like ment to be my twin I swear. I just know that it won't go down well telling him due to how close were going to live etc. He always calls me abs instead of abby.. My heart jumps at he's command to that. It is very hard. I also notice him looking at me when I look at other guys and it makes me feel so bad! And it hurts when I know he's thinking of other girls. Also I madeout the otherday I was going to see my boyfriend and he caught me all dolled up etc. And when I ogot back to aunties after, I went to the toilet. And I herd him on the phone going 'alright love, I see you in a minute' didn't say goodbye to me or nothing, I was so hurt and lonely left alone with my auntie and sdad. Its almost like he done it on purpose but I'm not sure. Anymore for sure subtle signs sorry for the dramatic spelling mistakes my phone is laggy and I'm currently moving... Closer to them I'm 19 he's 22. Advice and pointers and tips much appreciated!hem :   

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