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]my fiance is my first cnz and he was involved someone else but she got married last year and then we engaged , he agreed only his paraents decision he is not intersted in me we talk to each other he replied very rudely an show me like he is normal but he is not we always fight together and she don't know i knew his history he don't talk to me on calls he only talk to me on MSG said that's i can't speak on calls always show some attitude and if i m talk him too much he just replied 'homonym' ND 'k' his mother always toucherd me its oky baby u say sorry first because he is man nd i m girl don't show him attitude etc etc m so much upset tell me plzzzzz now tell me what should i do ? :cry:

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what you should do is RE-WRITE this post so that literate people can read it. that means using periods to separate your sentences. and until you do, i'm going to lock the topic. in fact, i think i'm going to do that every time i see a post written with no punctuation. it seems to happen more and more frequently. newsflash, this is not a cell phone text app. it's a message board.

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