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I stumbled across this site and loved the idea of it, so I joined.  I guess I can say that I didn't really join because I have a cousin that I fell in love with and haven't told him...  Honestly, it's because I felt alone in the fact that I had romantic/sexual feelings for my cousin.  To be honest, I admitted to my cousin that I had romantic/sexual attraction to him.

Then a wonderful thing happened, he admitted that he shared those feelings.  I was overjoyed, and more than a little relieved.  We've been seeing each other for a little over two months now.  I haven't been happier either.

We grew up only about ten minutes from each other, so we were close.  And I hid my feelings for him for seven years, only to find out that he shared those feelings.  His 'wife' (that's what we call her even though they aren't married) is extremely accepting of our relationship.  The three of us get along really well, and in all honesty I have kinda fallen for her too.  (I bat for both teams so I have no problems with that.)

We definitely haven't told either of our parents, because we know that they would be... quite angry.

We don't worry about having children because I am on birth control and we are extra careful.  And honestly I don't want children anyway.  It would be an extremely high-risk pregnancy that would put both me and the child in danger, and I honestly wouldn't be able to do that.  Not because of fear for my own life, but I would not be able to put any life in danger.  Especially the one of an unborn child.  So no children in our future.  :laugh:

Anyway, I'm really happy I found this site.  I don't feel alone anymore, and now I know that it isn't that horrible to have fallen in love with your cousin.  (First cousin to be completely honest.)

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