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August: Osage County

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Just watched August:  Osage County last night.  Not my favorite movie in the world, but good performances by many cast members. I was surprised to see a plot line involving a cousin relationship (albeit, it took a bizarre turn).  Julia Roberts character says that cousin relationships aren't as uncommon as we may think, but Juliette Lewis' character says 'you better not have kids'.  I wish there would've been an intelligent come-back to that line.

Reading an interview of Julianne Nicholson (playing the character in love with her 'cousin'), I am saddened to learn that she thinks cousin love is a taboo.  From a January interview: 

We think cousin is okay in the story line, but if I think about it in real life, I'm not a fan. Why not be with someone you're not related to? How's that for a bold statement? [Laughs.] I do think it's interesting that it's being addressed in all these different ways. Is it because we need to push the boundaries further because we've seen every version of man and woman, and man and man, and woman and woman, that aren't related? Is that the next step? I don't know. But I think things happen in waves.

I wish someone as intelligent and forward-thinking as Tracy Letts (the play write and screen writer), would've had the chutzpah to keep the cousin relationship pure and to address this topic in a more open-minded way. 

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