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Guest Hello123

Need help regarding immigration (CR-1 visa)

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Guest Hello123


My wife and I are cousins. It is legally permissible and allowed in Islamic law and Pakistani culture for first cousins to marry. I am a US citizen living in Arizona, where our marriage would be prohibited if it took place in Arizona; she lives in Pakistan. We've applied for CR-1 (spouse) visa. We are almost done with the whole process, with only the interview at embassy left.

My question is: should my wife be upfront about us being cousins or try to hide the fact (but not lie)? If she openly admits we are cousins, will that affect her eligibility for visa? I know for K-1 fiance visa eligibility depends on the state you live in but we are already married and went for CR-1. What would happen if she did not admit to use being cousins but it was later discovered in "background checks"?

I'm thinking the right course of action here would be for her to openly admit we are cousins and show enough proof to convince the person counselor that we have a bona fide marriage. Any suggestions would be great.


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Answer only the questions they ask, do NOT volunteer anything or do more than answer I.e. "Yes" or "no" unless absolutely necessary.

If they do ask, answer with something simple like "yes, it's not illegal, is there a problem?" 

Good luck. 

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