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I like my cousin but i dont know if she likes me

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then tell her because this age is very funny she might like someone else so u should tell her.

if u don't and she ends up liking someone else youll regret not telling her. trust me just tell her. it she gets upset say sorry and never let her feel bad about u.

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Maybe if you could provide us some more info about your situation then we would give you the necessary help.

Anyway, the way I got to kiss my female cousin (here it is) was by hanging out with her everyday, treating her like the only girl that I have eyes for. When she came to my country I immediately froze all my other friendships and hanged out only with my cousin. Try to do that too, make her feel secure when she is with you, and try to give her a little hints(playing with her hair, complinenting her about her clothing etc). Always watch for a response, if she smiles, you are on a good road. Also, if she ever tries to hold your hand then that means that you make her feel secure. And apparently, if you two do well together, go on a walk and in the middle of the way tell her your feelings.

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just use Skype to hang out with her and don't worry how far u are if u love her truly you will get your love. like me I live in Australia but love my cousin in Pakistan. I allways talk to her on Skype. I have told her but she said for now we can only friends

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