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I like my cuz but my mum thinks i should not

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hi everyone, I love my cousin who is in Pakistan, im 18 shes 21. im in Australia. I told her that I love her on the phone then she got angery at me and said that when I come to Pakistan with my mom she will slap me 10 times. my mum already knows I like her. but my mum thinks I should treat her as a sister not as a lover. my mum wants me to like her as a sis. well Ive got another cuz which I do treat like a sister but this cuz I cant, I just get feelings for her what do I do pls hlp.

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i don't really know a whole lot about pakistani culture, but i do know a little about young women. if she is that mad at you for having told her you love her, it's pretty safe to say that she's not into you like that, and that she feels insulted for some reason. maybe she feels like you just messed up her comfort zone and she can't ever hang with you without feeling uncomfortable again.

as to how to get her to talk to you? i have no idea. but you could start by sending her a message apologizing for offending her, and asking if she'll tell you why she's so angry with you.

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