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Desire to have sex with my first cousin!

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        Hey guys I am David(name changed), My age is 18 recently we were having a function so i used to stay there, I like my first cousin((father's brother's daughter))(Age- 35-40), I adore her beauty. A year ago our families to a trip to Delhi, In train when i was sitting with my back facing to her she started rubbing my back very nicely edited to remove graphic imagery

          Nowadays when i was at the function preparation, She used to held my waist and pull me closer edited to remove graphic imagery

          Please suggest me What should I do? I feel like asking her, To have sex with me? But I am afraid of the consequences, She is married and has a daughter(Age-20).

edited to remove email address

If I get a chance to have sex with her, I will definitely upload the story here!

Thank You

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what you should do is find a forum that is more suited to you. this is a family friendly site, not an erotic story board.

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