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I am deeply in love with my cousin (15m)

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When we arrived to the country she lives in just 7 months ago, I met my cousin and I was stunned on how beautiful she was. She (is my first cousin) was also the first person I ever met on this country. She is also extremely talented, and oh my god her voice is just so amazing . Everytime she sings, my heart skips a beat. She has everything that I wanted on a girl! So this feelings I have on her (shes 14) started around 3 months ago when both our families went camping and we talked and had fun for a lot of hours. After that, Ive never been so happy in my entire life! The feelings I had on her were really strong (Not sexual, I am not that horny teenager  that just wants to bang that one hot cousin) . Then last month we hanged out pretty much everyday along with my other cousins. But  after a few weeks i wasnt able to hang out with her again because i had to babysit my siblings for like 4 weeks until now. I was really sad because I missed her so much! Like I cant stop thinking of her 24/7 everyday. I wonder if she feels the same.. I want to express my feelings to her but after lurking on this forum, ppl say that both of us must be matured enough before I tell my feelings to her.. I can be patient, I can wait 3-6 years just to be with her! Thank god I found this wonderful website/forum, if i didnt I couldve told her my feelings already and end up being rejected . Right now im just continuing being nice to her and getting to know her more :) I still havent tried the "if you werent my cousin" line. And i might do it soon ;) And to add, both our parents are very religious .. So if someone founds out that im in love with my cousin there will be a massive shitstorm in our family .. Including our other cousins.. Also I already made a letter on my phone expressing my love on my first cousin. Im hiding this for years to come and ONE DAY ill finally be able to say her this!

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well it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, being willing to build a strong foundation of trust and wait a few years for romance. very wise young man!

as for the religious thing, please take a look at the info here: http://www.cousincouples.com/?page=religion

God isn't against cousin marriage. people who use "religion" as an excuse to oppose cousin relationships aren't listening to their heavenly Father.

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