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what to do about having a crush on ur first cousin?

what to do..  

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  1. 1. what to do..

    • ignore these feelings...
    • figure out how to tell her...
    • just come out with it....

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Hey yall i have a problem...ive liked my cousin for sometime now and i don't know what to do. I've liked her for a good while now and I've always been told that its a sin to have feelings for family practically all my life now but i don't feel like its wrong,but anyhow i don't know how to tell her or even deal with this. i keep it to myself most of the time,but i don't want to make her mad or for her mom and dad to find out manly cause i don't want things to be okwerd or go from good to vary bad cause i know she still has feelings for someone else but I'm 21 n she's 38...but i don't c a problem with the age cause its just a number but she's such an awesome woman,she has a grate sense of humer even if shes perverted,and i know she's been through a lot of crap where ppl put her down and has crushed her to the point of not feeling anything and I've been here for her to help her regan stablity and i do every thing i can to help her out with anything and when i found out that i had feelings for her it was when i was still in school and we had talked on facebook n i was trying to get to know her agan and still am. i hoped that these feelings would go away with time but that failed so i just ignored them but now i can't and idk what to do...i just know i would do anything for her but i don't know how she feels but all i know is she don't know yet how i feel and any help yall can give without criticising me would deaply be appreciated. Please and thank you

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ok kizer, i'm going to respond, but FIRST i'm going to rake you over the coals for something that irks the crap out of most of the members here. this is NOT A TEXT MESSAGE. go back and edit your post to include some punctuation. i don't care if you use all lower case (heck, i do that), but you MUST put some periods in between your sentences, and we would appreciate if you would also spell out most of your words.... like "and" instead of "n" and "i know" instead of "ik".  (ppl and idk are commonly known, so those two are acceptable.) deal?

now, it's not a sin to have feelings for a cousin. the bible permits and even encourages marriages between first cousins. (at least some first cousins). if you use the exit forum link and go to the main site, you can click the menu icon and then select the religion or christianity link for a list of cousins married in the bible.

since you have reached the age of adulthood, i don't think anyone will criticize you over her being 17 years older than you are. heck, i have a nephew who married a woman about that much older than him. but you do need to prepare yourself for the fact that she may not be interested in dating someone with such an age gap. especially since she's involved with someone already. so at this point i think you should probably keep your feelings to yourself. when and if she breaks up with her current boyfriend, maybe you could casually drop some hints and see where that leads.

second, adam and eve were never like brother and sister. she was formed from adam's rib specifically to be his wife.

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