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does he love me more then he's ment to; too?

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My first cousin is my twin flame, I'm having trouble coping with it, its not everyday you have to deal with the fact your first cousin is your twinflame! my first love was exacly like him.(Bare in mind I've only just met him a few months ago cos a family fallout!) So that shocks me more.anyways we would be there sitting next to eachother, he'll rest he's leg next to mine n we'll lean against eachothers, our hands sneakily brushing against.I once got terribly drunk and just as I was getting to know him over just meeting him I asked him a hug, he said 'no' teasing me,then smiled cheekily and said 'come on then' and ever sin ce that hug, we we haven't hugged since,expecially around our parents (he's mum) (my dad) him and mycousins will wind me up play fighting telling me I need to fend for myself,  he said to crack him one because he took my phone to get a reaction so I gave him a shiner, and he smiled and said put that to good use on someone who deserves it.(It was nice to release the stress/tension),its almost like we have our owngame,he helped me to not push my love away for him as hate.If that makes sense?trying to treat him like I should,when tbh it wasa release)people often think were made for eachother.I went round to grab a hairband off my auntie;no one was there buthim and when he saw me off there was this voice inside of me tugging at my head to look back,and as I look back I saw him look down the road at me the same time?my heart literally yelped,painful happiness.struggling to accept this.

Help, guidance? Oh and also to top it off out of the whole world. We both move to the same place 5 doors away from eachother. I'm going to dread it when he gets a girlfriend.. I've tried to forget him with others but just made myself feel worse. Abs, 19+22

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ok, i'm not sure what abs, 19+22 means... did you mean "ages"? if that's how old you both are, then what has you holding back? if you're both adults, then your parents don't get a say in your romantic lives anymore.

there is nothing wrong with loving or even marrying a first cousin. judging from your dialect, i'm guessing you're either british or australian, and cousin marriage is legal in both countries.

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