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"My love for my cousin and grand plan for migration

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Hello everybody,my name is K (i want to keep my privacy),and im 15 years old,living in the "slowly decaying" country named "Viet Nam".Why i call my country like that is not the matter to

discuss.Today i write to Cc.com to share and receive advice for my love to my cousin who is living in Canada.The reason why we are separated is illegal migration to other country,my cousin's dad survived the illegal migration,but my dad didnt.Many many year after that,my cousin's dad gave birth to my cousins.We are in the same family,but none of my family members here in VN informed me about the existence of my cousins in Canada.7 years of separation.....when they came back,everybody were very happy,they all receive greets from everybody,but only one receive bad greets which can be considered as insults.That one is my beloved cousin.She doesnt have much attention from the people around her just because she is an athlete and very manly (not lesbian.....),and another reason is her sister is smart enough to jump from grade 8 to 10,thats why her sister receive much more attention from people than her.But i was the only person there to share the feeling with her.She really appreciate my consideration to her .I started building our relationship through online chatting.Everything were great,our relationship grew bigger everyday.But then my mind popped out a new thought about her and blindly look at her as my lover.Crazily....i accepted and follow that thought without thinking about the consequences of that.And then a day when she told me her story about her Exes(Old boyfriends) and her problem with them,i was very upset and very angry after i hear that,but then she told me that she broke up with them,then i gone happy.....but the jealousy inside of me has been triggered and can hardly be taken off....We also have many trip together and she always be with me.We did many things couple do like hand holding,waist holding......she seemed to enjoy me doing that.And there,our relationship is slowly getting off the track of "family love" to "couple love".I was so happy to finally have a girl to care about.And she also cares about me,i was very happy about that.I have a lot of story to tell you people but if i do its gonna be very long so this part is just an overview of out relationship,lets move to part 2,thid part is more serious.


Like its name,i have spent many days and nights making up this plan,but ill keep it brief.This plan is my biggest goal ever.This plan is all about my dream of moving to live in Canada.I can just move there with a study permit,a visa but the problem is the Canada embassy in VN,they wont provide me and my family members Visas to visit.....That really made me frustrated.But then i think of how my cousin's mother moved to Canada,she married her dad!Thats why!If somebody from other country marry a Canadian,then that one will be able to move to Canada as a citizen......How on earth can i get girl there in Canada who accept me as her husband.......Then the girl who popped in my mind the first is my cousin.Please dont get me wrong,i do not love her for her ability to bring me to Canada but i love her because of our true love.We are still too young to get over this love matter so right now,im planning to improve our relationship with her....through the internet because we are 12000km away.And when she comes back here after 3 years,after we all are 18....i plan to show her how much i love her and to marry her when we all are at the right age for marriage.Although im just 15 but i am not bearing a baby's mind.Any help from Cc.com is appreciated,thanks you.

Btw bumble bee is my nickname she gave me :)

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