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I'm serious... I have no idea if she is though

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So I just joined the site because I have absolutely no one to talk to about this kind of thing. My cousin and I had a short relationship 4 or so years ago I was serious about continuing it but it seems she wasn't she got with someone else moved and had a kid. Then she came back and we've been talking again for about 8 months. Shes asked me to move in with her and has told me that her baby's daddy and her are no longer together and we have started seeing each other again. My problem is that her life still revolves around her "ex" and I can never tell how she actually feels sometimes I'm sure she wants to be with me and others I'm not sure she wants anything to do with me. So in short I have no idea if she's just using me for the thrill of being with her cousin or if she's actually worried about having a serious relationship because of our family. I'm completely lost so any advise would be grately appreciated thank you for your time.

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i'd wait until someday when she knows what she wants. otherwise, you're going to be caught in the crossfire of her drama, and that would suck.

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