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Goodbye Cousin Couples

Guest daughterofeve

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Guest daughterofeve

Hello everyone,

I will delete my account soon (or ask an admin to do so-->KC I'll PM you) but did not want to leave without saying goodbye.

I don't know who still remembers me, since I haven't posted in a year and was never particularly active.

Update: I have moved on from my cousin and have a boyfriend now and I couldn't be happier. My cousin and I have tried to be friends and just cousins in the past year. I actually thought we were past our attraction, so I went to visit again this summer. Needless to say, that was a mistake. I was supposed to stay there two weeks, but left after one week and traveled to London instead for the remaining week. While I was there things were awkward between us. There was still a lot of sexual tension and we tried to resist it, but it just made me very uncomfortable and we ended up fighting, so I left. I told the rest of the family that I just wanted to travel a bit more, which was not completely a lie. When I got back I started dating a great guy and we've been together since. My cousin and I are still talking, but are def keeping it clean now, and talk much less often. I felt very uncomfortable there, the idea of us messing about. It's like for the first time I realized we're cousins and got grossed out, which is strange because I did not have a problem with it before.

Anyway, I'm out of here and I wish everyone good luck.



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  • Administrator

well i'm glad you have found someone you can be happy with, and wish you the very best! (and yes, i do remember you, even though i don't recall the details of your story.)

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Wow! Although im glad shes happy now, I just couldnt imagine being without my cousin. I love her so much. It has been the happiest relationship of my life. One of the fears that I have is that what if we do break up, then what! Will it be awkward? Yea, I wonder sometimes, but I will never find out. (Knock on wood)

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