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Loving Victoria's Legs But To Tell Her?

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Hey everyone, I have a major thing for my "cousin" who is not blood related and really just a close family friend.  However her family is quite the gossip clan and I am afraid that revealing my feelings for Victoria (her name) would make me look like  a fool.  She is just so beautiful and has quite possibly the most incredible pair of legs on earth! I have flirted with her in her swimming pool by lifting her on my shoulders and carrying her around in the water but am not even sure if that's considered flirting.  She is five years older than me making her 29.  I would be  happy for starters just telling her how amazing her legs are but we never had that friendship relationship that I feel is necessary to make comments like that and not be laughed at too much for it.  I really do love her legs.  Maybe it's not love but lust however is that such a bad thing? Ugh! Confused.  Glad I found this site!  :grin:

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