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Living in same house as cousin

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Hi all,

I will try to keep this as short as possible. Here is my situation.

I have a female cousin that loves me since she was like 12, she's 25 now. She loves me unconditionally. According to her I'm the most important thing, i'm basicly a god for her, really I know this for sure. She expressed her feelings when she was young and it has grown larger ever since. We have seen eachother like 3 times in all those years. I never liked her and always thought it was wrong for cousin to be together. Until recently......

I moved recently to study in the country she lives in. We live in the same house now. And my feelings for her have changed because she shows me incredible love all the time that I can not ignore. I see her everyday too. By now I know that i can't make a regular girl love me more than her, so I ask my self what is the point?

We both are hidding this for our familys. Since I live with her family everything gets extra hard. We both are acting all the time. Its basicly a tough situation since there is almost no freedom in this kind of relationship so I wonder all the time if I should give this up. But that's hard as well since I will see her everyday. She can handle this really well but I just can't since I love her as much as she does.

I"m pretty certain it will work better in the future when we move out but for now it looks hopeless.

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i changed your username so that what appears publically will not include your email address. you should be able to log in the same way without any problem though.

yes, things will get better when you're able to move out of the house. she's 25, and you don't say how old you are, but what is preventing the two of you from moving out of the family home at this point?

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