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A pome from my own experience

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So this is something I'm working on a small poem, it's not finished yet  but I feel like this is the only safe place to share it. I would love feed back ,nothing to harsh lol. (yet to be titled)

You just a Man and I just a Women

Well that's what we wanted it to be.

We were bound by a connection that we didn't  have a choice in.

Yet we still did what we wanted and kept quite.

You grabbed my hand and unsure of where we were going I willingly let you lead me.

Before I knew it your grasp had loosened  and I was alone .

Lost not knowing what to do I called out and came no reply.

From there I struggle trying to retrace the steps of once two,

that has now become a painful walk for one.

Left in the darkness I aimlessly wonder trying to find the place before my regret.

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I like it. I don't know how far your story goes, but I feel as though I can identify with it. Probably a lot of people here can. I get the feeling that you and your cousin shared a bit more than my cousin and I ever did, but it's so hard to tell which is more difficult; sharing something which actually flares, however briefly, then dies out, or feeling as though there is something so potentially amazing there that you never get but the hint of a taste of.

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