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love Casting call

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I'm not endorsing this, just reposting it. You guys know the standard warning we give... -KC


Hey KC-

I'm beginning the very early stages of research and outreach into the world of cousin marriages for a new cast contingent documentary TV series following the lives of married cousin couples and I'd love to talk with you and get any insight or direction and also ask if you wouldn't mind my posting our "casting call" on the site. 

I work for Happy Owl Media a Brooklyn based reality and documentary production company that was founded in 2009 by partners Kathleen Minton and Pauline Mason. With over 20 years of combined production experience and 300 hours of television shows, Happy Owl is well respected for great storytelling, compelling characters and cinematic style known for ratings-driven, award-winning television- you can get a better idea of the company if you'd please click on...http://happyowlmedia.com/

I'm a development/casting producer so my job is to go out and see if I can find a dynamic cast of people to follow with the cameras in order to paint a compelling enough portrait of that world to keep viewers glued to their TV sets.  The series is cast contingent, meaning the cast green lights the budget but also the cast defines in some respects the show- because there really is no script so at this point in terms of what the series would be about it's essentially about a vivd group of married couples who also happen to be cousins.  They basically just need to be fun to watch.

I'd really love the opportunity to speak with you and get any insight into the world of cousin marriage, where might be good to find people and what to look out for and appreciate any feedback whatsoever.  Also would be happy to give you any more detail on myself or Happy Owl Media.

Here's the casting call copy:


Major cable network seeking married couples ages 18-55 who are legally wed to their first cousins for a new documentary series.  Did you fall head over heels for a biological cousin, have become each others soul mate and want to show the world how there's nothing wrong with it?  A new documentary series is looking to explore the world of first cousin matrimony and would love to talk with you.  Please contact Manny at [email protected] ASAP

Thanks again for your time, energy and any help whatsoever.  Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.

Manny Bosgang

Casting & Development

Happy Owl Media


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Boss and All,

I saw this member on here as I did my spamhammer thing the other night. I thought to myself "Here we go again." I haven't clicked the link, so I'm not about to call BS on this. I saw it, I let it stand, to see what would come of it, having a feeling something of this sort would pop up.

I know this members' username, and if any of you care to search recent members, he's there. He didn't check "Allow members to e-mail me" so I doubt you will be able to see the Owl Media e-mail address if you look. He has followed the terms of service, in asking Boss/Admins permission to mine prospective cast members. If you would care to PM this person, send me a PM, and I will tell you which member to PM. I will also go into my reservations further, so you will have no illusions as to my concerns.

BEFORE  YOU DO, be VERY confident in your situation with your cousin, your family, your kids, your uncles' brothers' sisters' kids, and ALL the people involved. There IS potential for a show of this nature to be produced in an enlightening, yet, down to earth, and humorous way. So far, from what I'VE seen, it hasn't quite turned out that way. FCW, Lady C, Kasienda, and MAYBE a couple others have had reasonably positive experiences with TV productions. Several others, NOT so much so. My personal advice is be VERY cautious. These things have not been delivered as billed before. What was proposed as a realistic, mature display of the situation has turned into a "bait and switch" Jerry Springer show.

Which leads me to my BIGGEST area of concern here. Please note the part of this sentence, and my highlighting the same, which concerns me: ".... Happy Owl is well respected for great storytelling, compelling characters and cinematic style known for ratings-driven, award-winning television- ...." If there is any chance that ratings take precedent over facts, be VERY VERY careful. If you are in the least little bit of a tenuous situation, don't even THINK about doing something of this nature. Leave it to members here who have long standing, stable relationships, who have been down this path before. IF, and this is a BIG IF, they should choose to do so, and this turns out to be a factual portrayal, THEN, said members could ask for other participants. 

I have recently mentioned in another post about social media, that I have only lost my cool a couple times on the site since I've been here. One was related to the particular situation of the well intentioned member with the social media site possibly inadvertently bringing folks here that would get my blood pressure up, as happened before. The OTHER time, was what I personally call "The Tyra Debacle." If you care to search for the "Tyra" threads, you will find it. I urged caution, but good members were reassured there would be no such shenanigans. Well, guess what? It turned into a damn Springer show.

I certainly don't want to unjustly accuse this person of such things. I'm just telling you to be VERY cautious, and have a good healthy dose of skepticism. PLEASE, for YOU OWN sake.


  If you would care to PM me, and reassure me, be my guest. I will tell you now I will want you to send me a PDF of any contract you would propose to our members for ME to look over BEFORE YOU EVER send it to a member here. If that isn't agreeable to you, as far as I'm concerned, you can find a different topic, and another forum.

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Guest Manny

Thanks for posting the information on the TV series and my casting call.

I'm happy to speak with anyone interested in possibly taking part or just gaining any insight into the community and can be reached at my e-mail address [email protected]


Manny Bosgang

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Not to be a bonehead but aen't all tv series\documentary etc all ratings driven? Even PBS

PBS does try to get what ratings they can, and certain shows have a loyal audience. However, the ratings PBS gets from it's loyal audience is still nowhere near the share sensational "reality" shows pull. PBS's loyal audience is considerably more intelligent on whole as compared to the average TV viewer. They strive for their regular rating share, and continue to pull it by producing (as a rule) programing which gives an honest look at the facts surrounding the topic at hand. They occasionally slant a little more to the left than I am generally comfortable with, but I still find most of their programing to be intellectually honest. If the producers of "Nature," "Frontline," or "Nova" were to show up here, I would be much more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt as I would the producer of, oh, Maury for example.

In fact, IMHO, Maury is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. When he first started his show, there was minimal hype and sensationalism, and more factual information. As he delved into more controversial topics, (such as our topic at hand would be) he and/or his producers realized increased ratings. As the hype went up, so did the ratings. The facts took a back seat, if they were touched upon at all. For me, to watch him now is as grating as fingernails on a chalkboard. I just can't bring myself to watch his dribble.

Honey-BooBoo is entertaining, and gets crazy ratings for what it is. But, a demolition derby is entertaining as well, and again, IMHO, in a similar way. I just want to be sure none of our members end up in a demolition derby thinking it's a leisurely drive in the country on a Sunday afternoon.  :wink:

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