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Gathering research for a paper for Social Marriage and Family

Guest KaylaCast

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Guest KaylaCast

Hello everyone, I am gathering research for an assignment in my Marriage and Family class. It pertains to cousin marriages and we must include information included below: any information, op pinions, or personal experience would help! 

*Reasoning for marrying close cousins

*What are the advantages for this?

*What are Disadvantages?


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  • Administrator

well i can't speak for everybody. there are some cultures that arrange cousin marriages out of preference. but in MY case...

reason for marrying my cousin: because i love him.

what are the advantages? for us, the advantages are a commitment to growing old together, to having raised children together, to being good grandparents to the five grandkids, and being there for elder members of the family (including my 88 year old mother who lives with us and a 100 year old aunt who would be pretty much alone in a nursing home if we didn't visit daily.)

disadvantages? for us, there are none.

so why don't you tell us more about this class and your assignment?

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  • Moderator

Yes, please give us more info about the nature of the paper.  I wouldn't mind answering some questions, provided that cousin marriages are presented in a positive light.

I hope that the purpose of this paper is not to figure out why people marry incestuously (which does not pertain to cousin marriages), or tries to examine some of the "stranger" couplings in our society. or seeks to keep cousin marriages as a stereotypical backwoods, hillbilly act that no educated, progressive person would ever engage in.

This well-educated, forward thinking woman is very satisfied with her cousin relationship!

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