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Guest Peter roe

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Guest Peter roe

Hello Evryone.Just wanna asked some advises that could help us on HOW we would open our relationship to our family. We love our family so dearly, the fact that they gave us and Guide us through all of our years. We are 2nd Degree, we had browse and surf the net and find this web.The thing is , its very hard for us to take a step forward..we did our best to finish and to make them proud. all i wanna hear from them is their "acceptance"Help me how to set and and to put it on to START.. legally.. i love her..and i wouldnt have plan to love any woman EXCEPT HER.. i want to settle and to take my plan of my future with her//thank you/// HOW

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http://www.cousincouples.com/forum/help-advice/talking-to-our-families-about-our-cousin-romance/ and


those are good starting places. realize too that as second cousins, there are no legal or medical issues to overcome, and society really doesn't frown on 2nd cousins nearly so much. your parents and hers may very well be happy for the both of you.

by the way, how old are you both? and please consider joining the forum so you can get notifications of responses.

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