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Long distance relationship help.

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Hi everybody on cousincouples.The question im about to ask may sound oppsosite to what the site was made for but i still need yours help.

Its gonna be a long story about how me and my cousin got together so im just gonna sum it up.We all were separated in the war and this year is the first time we ever met.I was very happy to know her.We built our relationship through time and time.But she has to come back to her country after a few month,it was very sad to me.

When she got back to her country i still keep in touch with her using social sites.But texting is just too cold to me.So time pass and it changes everything,our relationship is no longer "fun" like before anymore but instead she acted way different to me,like ignorance,discomfort....I really dont understand why until i realized that she doesnt want me to annoy her anymore.Surely i did annoy her...a bit.I cant keep this relationship ao awlful like this.I really dont know how to show my love through texting really,but we do skype face call sometime so i think its a good chance for me to show how much i care about her...

What opposite in this topic is:She look at me as her cousin and will never be a life partner (wife).I....respect her so instead of wanting her to be my wife i turned to wanting to be a good cousin to her.Took me a long time to accept the fact that she always look at me a her cousin really...

So what should i do?What should i say when we have chance to do a skype video call her to show her that im always her little good cousin?

This thread may make me look like a "retard" so im pretty sure not many people will reply to this......but any reply is appreciated so thanks.

I am currently 19 and i live in Viet Nam while she lives in Canada.Our relationship is known by everybody in my family so everybody is fine with it.

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We need a bit more information.  How old are you two and what country does she live in?  Are cousin relationships frowned upon?  If they are, she could be uncomfortable because of that.

The thread does not make you look like a "retard" - so don't worry about that.


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