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How did this happen?

Guest kilie

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When I grew up my mom was very adamant that family relations are solely that, family. Recently, well, more like a year and a half ago me and my cousin found ourselves in a slight predicament. He's my first cousin, we share our last name, and I still wanted him as a lover. Unfortunately he was engaged and had three kids already. I'd just stare and think if I could just have him once, I would be fine, I'd be able to let it go. On one occasion when I was staring at him and thinking about how I could possibly have him. I bit my lip to stop the thoughts and as I came back to reality I noticed he was staring at me. Me, with such intent.  I guess I looked shocked, so he licked his lips to show me he felt the same way i did. That night we stayed up until everybody had fallen asleep, he lead me into the kitchen and pulled me into him, and kissed me. Of course things went on to more graphic things, but I'm not enlightening on that. It continued like this for months, every night, until he got his own place. Then I only saw him when he came to work with my uncle, his dad. Because I was "friends" with his fiance, I'd go to there house a couple times a month to be with him. After 6 months he said I love you. We mainly texted, and I'd call him on his way to town. After being together a year I went to jail for 30 days, when I got out I moved back to the coast. I call him every morning, every lunch break, and on his way home. A month after I moved and my sleep schedule got messed up I had a hard time waking up early enough to call him. He got really irritated and said I have an important question to ask you, wake up early enough to call me. I didn't. I called him on lunch and asked him what's up. He said you didn't wake up early enough I'm not telling. I kept bugging him, and bugging him until he said, Okay, I'll give you this, Will you? I immediately smiled ear to ear and said absolutely YES! He said, Okay but you gotta figure out how we can do this, I immediately looked up what states allow marriage between first cousins, and California is the closest. I can't wait, were getting married September 20, 2015. It's just amazing how it all unfolded. I couldn't be happier.

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