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How Did You Tell Your Cousin You Love Them?

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I, personally, didn't find it hard.  We had already cuddled together, and been thinking about running off to be together.  The biggest thing that made me do it is before we loved each other, I told a lot of my friends that she was my half sister that I had just found out about.  They ended up rethinking we loved each other, and said that in Arkansas, we could be together.  I knew this wasn't true, but it got me thinking.  That night, I searched up if it was legal to marry your cousin.  I realized that putting third, since she is my third cousin, would really help there.  I knew it was perfectly fine, and when I found I truly loved her, I just said it.  She said she thought, since this was her first love, she felt the same way, and we got together.  We ended up getting found out about and put the relationship on pause.  We did so because it was creating a lot of family problems, mostly with her parents.  We will get back together when we are older, if we still feel love for each other. 

Now, tell your story, and please feel free to make it long, as I did.     

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