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Our First Kiss

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My first kiss was with my half-second cousin.  We had fallen in love a little less than two weeks before, and she had cone over and stayed the night.  We were going to Tulsa in the morning for her birthday party.  We were in my back yard cuddling on a wooden bench next to a dim fire.  It had been raining all day, so the fire went out.  I decided that now was the best time possible.  I got close in intervals, since I was nervous.  In a minute, our lips were about an inch apart.  She realized what I was doing, and started pushing towards it.  I knew she was going for it, and I laughed as she sid this four times.  Finally, I stopped being mean, and when she did it a fifth, our lips met, and we made out for about three minutes.

Afterward, I looked at her, told her, "I love you so much," and we continued cuddling.

I later told her how I had laughed at her going for it, and she laughed about it. 

There's my love story for the time being.  I hope I have another soon.

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