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Poem for my Half Second Cousin

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My cousin loves guardians of the galaxy, so I wrote her this. 

I am Groot,

I can only say three words,

And I am Groot.

I am a magnificent tree,

And I am Groot.

I can grow to the size of I skyscraper,

And I am groot-

I am awesome,

And I am Groot.

If I was not Groot,

I would still be Groot.

Don't mess with me,

Because I am Groot.

As awesome and and magnificent as I am,

I would never compare to you.

The last tow lines weren't written down.  Mostly because I don't want any chance at being caught again.  I don't like those lectures about how it's wrong and we're too young for it to be okay.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. 

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