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Relocation after 2nd marriage to cousin

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I am wondering if anybody on here has any experience with remarriage and relocation.

I am divorced and recently married my 1st cousin. We married in a state where our union is legal but he lives and works in a state where it is not (though my understanding is that his state will acknowledge our union).

Now, my ex husband is battling me in court for custody of our 7 year old if I decide to relocate. Has anybody gone through a similar situation? If it is legal in my current state where I am going through the court for relocation, how can they look down upon my marriage to my cousin?

I am concerned that this will be brought up in court, though I have a lawyer and she said it is not an issue. Also, if you have gone through this, what was the outcome? Were you allowed to move?

Thank you!

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no, WHO you are married to is irrelevant, because marriage to a cousin is legal in the state where you live and where the custody fight is taking place.

that doesn't mean that he has no case against you moving.... it just means that your marriage to a cousin isn't going to be a factor in the judge's decision. but in any case, listen to your lawyer. she has knowledge. the rest of us just have speculation.

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