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Parents cousins, in love with my cousin

Guest Yohiii

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Hi! I have an issue (I guess)... It's really been troubling me lately :(

Deal is, I'm from a country where cousin marriage is quite accepted, though living in Europe which obviously has affected my mentality (for the better and the worse). My parents are cousins and God knows who else in my family tree are, though I have no knowledge of anyone further up in the tree being cousins, I'm still worried. Me and my cousin are both in love and already planning to get married. I haven't spoken to her regarding this subject, firstly because I don't have the right facts and also I don't want to scare her.

I wouldn't have thought twice about it, marrying my cousin, if it wasn't for the fact that my parents are as well. We're all fine, my siblings and I, and I have quite a lot of family who married their cousins and they're all fine as well! So from that aspect I am not bothered, I can clearly see the chance is little for birth defects.

However, seeing that my parents also are cousins (and the possibility somewhere further up the family tree having married cousins) I cannot get any rest. My brother just recently married a cousin and both my parents have expressed their disapproval against me marrying my cousin (they don't know yet, but they've seen that I am too close to her).

How bad is my situation? I guess you guys would have more experience and could possibly offer some advice. I would greatly appreciate any response.

Yours truly,

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Man, I know you must be confused, but I at least can't help without proper information.  Could you get some more info about your family?  If she's not from the side that your parents are related on would be one thing.  If she's not, there is no problem.  I sense this isn't the case though.  Anyway, I need this info so I can help. 

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Hi! Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, she is from their side  :( I believe that is what worries me...

What more info do you need? I've wanted to find out who have married their cousins before us, further up the family tree but I fear it would reveal my intentions if I asked my parents.


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