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how was i to know

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So it was the summer of 2014, I meet my cousin. He was 20 and I turned 18 a month before. I had never meet him before Because my dad hated his. I had a boyfriend at the time but I think that was the end of our time together. we ended up saying some bad things and went on our ways. My cousin Luke was there for me through it all. He was there when a family friend died and my mom skipped the country. On Halloween He asked me out. I stayed yes. We stared our long distance relationship.  We never told anyone.But his mom found out and surprisingly was our major supporter. His dad found out and he was o.k with it not happy but its not against his religion.I am scared to tell my dad. I call Luke every day so I think my mom knows.I am so happy because he is going to train to be a electrician and will make a good amount of money and in a year he is moving here. I think I found my man and I am so happy to have him.

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