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So, my half second cousin and I had never met until August 2nd 2014.  We got to talking because it was a family reunionand ashe decided to not just be a lump in the corner drawing anime characters.  I was was sitting on a utv thing at around 7:10, and she got up and sat by me.  We didn't talk for about 15 minutes, but then my dad asked what we weird teenagers were doing.  She started talking to me, and we were instantly friends.  We talked until 2:15am that night. The next morning, we talked some more, than left at around 2:00pm.  When I got home, I texted her, and we started talking like that.

Fastfoward two weeks, we decided to get together on August 15th, and her stay at my house until that Sunday, the 17th.  We had fun, had a fire, a sat outside for a while talking.  She ended up laying her head on my shoulder, and we ended up cuddling for a while.  We did so two times that night.  When we weren't cuddling, I was wrestling her off of me because ahewas trying to give me noogies.

The next day, we went for a bike ride, since she had never been to my town before, and I showed her this little town.  We stayed gone for two hours or so, my bike messed up so I had to go to the Fire Department, I had permission since my dad's a Fireman/EMT there, so I could do a quick fix there.  We left and went home.  About three two hours later, we went to a car show at a local bank, where a Street Outlaw was at.  We spent some timee there, and then went home so I could get my wallet.

That high, August 16th, was the towns annual "Dragging Main", and we were there until midnight.  When we got home, we started the fire again, she tried to give me more noogies, and then got so toured we decided to call it a night.  We slept on my trampoline, as we did the night before.  I ended up hugging her, and we fell asleep with her in my arms.

Fastfoward one more week, I find out that it's legal for us to be together, and we start talking about running off to be together. I later found out that it's legal everywhere since we're half second cousins, not first.  We started talking about all this stuff, and made a plan with the codename, "Honey".  I told her, "For this thing to happen, I need one thing.  Know what that is?  Love."  Then, on August 31st, I realized I loved her, and told her so.  She said she thought she felt thre same way, and we got together.  We were the happiest we'd ever been.

There's my story, I hope you liked it.

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