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Hello Everybody I'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time to read this as it is excruciating for me. Anyways I'm ment to of died at birth,I'm convinced I unconsciously come back for him,my eyes are hazel. Greenybrowny sometimes slash blue, I remember crying when I was a baby going 'I don't want thease eyes I want blue eyes!!' All my life I unconsciously hunted for my twinflame, my soulmate had bright blue softly hard eyes, but was never completley right, then oneday BOOM he walks in room and its asif I've reunited and we conjoined. Was terrifying because I know he has some idea, but our telepathy scares me... My heart shows me past dreams about him. We was never ment to be together in the lords eyes, but we was so perfect for eachother. Real love seems to be against all odds, I find him saying things how I would, or the same coin but the otherside? He's voice compliments mine.. He's tone is the opposite/exact same to mine. He scares me cos he's actuually 'mine' and I'm 'he's' and we cannot upset them.. I've gotta let him realise himself. I sometimes tune into our souls realms accidentally but I wish I could stay there.. We have been torn apart since beginning of time. I'm so scared were gonna lose this time. He doesn't want to believe spirituality he's still very egotistical how do I deal with seeing my twinflame all time knowing stuff yet I cannot fully ever say? I wish I could stop this.. He's life is paralell to mine, he's dad left my auntie, my mum left he's uncle. We moved to same town 3doors away out of whole world and ended up meeting at 19+22 strangest thing is I swear when we was little we accidentally met and didn't no who eachother was? I do anything to push him away because he isn't brave to come closer. I no he loves me he just don't want to hurt those around us. I'm suffering greatly, I wish he'd just be honest.  I hope my family appreciate this, because I feel like I'm dying can't be with him or without him in this position. I wish we was fair my baby :( now I'm tempted to go do a romeo and juliette and kill myself... Only joking! Not far off the story though x

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You're not really giving much information about how your cousin feels about you, and what little you are giving seems to indicate he's not interested either because he doesn't feel the same way or he does not approve. Has hes said or done things to indicate he has romantic interest?

It really sounds like you have a one sided infatuation unfortunately, but without more information it's hard to say.

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