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Not sure if guy is my cousin but we like each other (Long)

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I don't know my dad side of the family. Parents weren't married and my dad never claimed me, I don't even have his last name. Wouldn't show up for birth or sign birth certificate? (He did pay child support though) We have lived in the same city all my life and he never came by, called, sent a present or anything.

Well since May this guy has been pursuing me "D" and I would never give in because I was in a relationship. But me and this guy broke up and I was like let me give "D" a chance. Well "D" ended up in jail and won't get out till March.

I wanted to find out info about him and I found his sister on facebook. Okay not a big deal. My dad last name is brown (a common last name) but "D" last name isn't Brown or his sisters or his mom. But than I saw his sister is friends on facebook with a lot of Browns. "D" other sisters are also friends on face book with a lot of people with last name browns.

Plus they are friends on Facebook with a couple of people with last name rivers. And my dad mom (my grandma) last name is Rivers.

So now I'm thinking we are related but I don't know. I even tried to write out the family tree. Thing is I could never directly connect his sisters and brothers to the browns. Except he has a nephew who had a baby by a girl who last name is brown. Or his nephew last name could be brown and the girl took on her baby daddy last name. Confusing.

So I'm assuming if his nephew is sleeping with a brown than not related. But not sure. Honestly going though the lines I think some incest is going on.

Also "D" has a son and on his facebook he has an aunt with last name brown and that aunt has three daughters with last name brown. But I'm starting to think that Aunt must be on "D" son mom side because "D" other sisters on facebook (3 of them) don't have "a brown" as a sister. So I'm thinking the aunt with last name brown is on his son mom side.

Sorry so long. I don't know what to do. I don't  know these people. I don't even want to mention it to the guy until I know for a fact. Because he chased me so hard and I kept turning him down but I do like the guy I was just in a relationship at the time and wanted to be loyal. He really liked me.

Plus if we are related. I think it's so unfair if his family or even him make it a big deal, because we didn't grow up together. We don't have any child hood memories together. Not my fault dad didn't want anything to do with me.

I guess I needed to vent. Also some advice appreciated. I'm confused.

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Too much confusion going on here.

The only way you are going to get answers is to ask the questions.

Your mother might be able to give you some help. Try asking her.

She should know some of your dads people at least by name.

You might begin to connect the dots.

Heck you could even ask D for some names. Maybe your mom could help more then.

The names you give are too common to make any connection at this time.

Have you tried the county courthouse. If your father was born in the town or county he lives

in now you can search birth records. You have a good idea of his age. Mom might even be able to

help with birthday, parents names etc.

The bottom line here is~~ for us to give you any good answers as to any relatedness~~ we need more information than

you have provided.

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Thanks. Didn't think about public courthouse and records. I really don't want to mention it to the guy until I know from sure. Cause I think we are related but I want to know by blood or marriage.

Yes I do know my dad full name and birth date, age. He was born in the town.

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