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in love with my first cousin lhelp

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okay so about a year ago i had a brain aneurysm what happend was my cousin from Mexico came over with my aunt she was there with me every step of the way she was there for me every time i saw her she would put a smile on my face but now she is back with my uncle and aunt and my Lil cousin who is about 14 years old but what i feel with her is nothing that i have ever felt every time we talk i make her laugh and smile and i just feel closer and closer to her but i don't know what to do every time we hang out its like i just cant stop staring at her its like  I'm paralyze all i can do is smile and stare but when i do that she tends to giggle and play with her but she also says my name differently but how would my family react i just need advice and help its just i really want to be with her but i don't know what my family would say and how can i conquer her 

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