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I need help

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Ive been in a relationship for 11months with my cousin. However when we started dating he already had a girlfriend(7yrs relationship) and I agreed to it thinking we would never be able to be together anyway. Today I regret this cause I love him so much and feel depressed whenever they are together and he wont leave her for me for various reasons.. (he apparently loves both of us). I want us to be together for real and tell everyone and him to leave his girlfriend. What should i do ? Im so lost , help me !

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  • Administrator

you won't like this, but what you should do is walk away. he's made his choice. he's committed to someone else.

and if it makes you feel better, conisder this... his concept of commitment sucks. he's been using you for a year, and he's cheating on her for that long. do you really want to spend your life with a man who has no regard for women? a man who is selfish, and who is indiscriminate about who he shares his bed with? how do you really know you're even the only "other woman"?

if he left her for you, you'd always wonder in the back of your mind if he was cheating on you. life isn't ever a bed of roses, and the initial bliss of being with him will eventually give way to complacency, and that is fertile ground for suspicions to take root.

he's not worth having. his girlfriend deserves far better than this, and so do you.

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  • Moderator

You said he "apparently loves both" - I disagree.  I think he only loves himself and is using both of you.  He is not to be trusted and. as Lady C says, you need to walk away.  You deserve better.

I know that is not what you want to hear and I know how hard it will be.  I hope you can move on and find someone who will love you.


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