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guys, I just got the greatest news!!

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...well, second greatest news - the greatest news would be that my cousin is in love with me, too. LOL

Anyway, he used to live in Oregon, across the country from me... But apparently he's moving to a town that's just 35 minutes away from me!!!  :cheesy:

I'm so excited. . . I really hope this means we will be seeing each other more often now! Next month is both of our birthdays - I am thinking about asking him if he would like to spend a Saturday with me to mutually celebrate, maybe go see a movie or something. We haven't been able to hang out, just the two of us - I think it would be great, and is finally a possibility after so long!

Wish me luck, you guys. :)

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Awww, i'm soooo happy for you both. I bet your so chuffed that he's in love you, all that worrying for nothing lol

All the best for you both for the future  :smiley:


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