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Still Together With Victoria!!!!

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Hey guys my last post was a while ago but it was so great that I thought I'd update you!! Victoria and I are still together after this time, a few rough patches but were still going strong.  Even posted a photo of her in the "Our Pictures" section!!  We told our families a while ago and although they found it weird at first, eventually we became accepted as a couple.  Yeah she is a few years older than me but it really is true love I think.  I hope the people who read my previous posts didn't feel cheated because we aren't blood related, we grew up as family despite that.  So I wanted to thank you guys for your support and I know you said this was shallow of me but I still love her legs and her nickname is still "LeggyLegz!!"  Seriously thank all you folks tremendously!!!!  :grin: :grin:

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