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Hello everyone,

I am newbie here:) First I will tell what my English is not very perfect,so sorry if you dont understand something.OK,here is my story.2years ago I moved to new place 2min away from my first cousin and we started to meet,chat very often.We was getting closer and closer and till we have become like best friends.I never saw her as a girlfriend only as a best friend/cousin,she too.We talk about everything,know about each over everything and even know what she does or will do today or tomorrow.I do not remember the day when we didnt chat or talked.I mean,its seems imposimble not to chat with her everyday now.So I lived normal live,somethimes I was jealous for her other guys but didnt look serious into these feelings.And..... a couple month ago I woke up in the morning and realised what I fall in love with her.First I was a little scare because I thought it is very wrong,but then I started to look for some information in internet and found out what I am not the only one:D So I started read this page,forum and got some information.Few months pass away and I am at the end of the road.I dont know what to think and what to do with this love it scares me.Well I will tell a little bit about my first cousin.She is very friendly and much talkink person.As I said before we talked about everything except feelings,love...I dont know why but she dont like to talk about it ant dont like to show the feelins to anything.About her feeling to me I am 95% sure what she see me just like a cousin and best friend.So people what can you advice me in this situacion?I lost interesting in other girls already.My friends asking me why I dont find a girl but I cant answer to them.This is so hard to me right now and it will get harder in the future if this continues.Is there are way out of these feelings?We are 18+ both.Sorry for my English again.Hope you all understand me.

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guy, i'm so sorry nobody responded before now! i'm not sure why i didn't see it sooner, but i'm glad you bumped it to the top. and your english is just fine, by the way. it's rather refreshing to see someone who doesn't use text lingo and no punctuation! so thanks for that!

it's harder to give advice though... if you're sure she only sees you as a cousin and best friend, then you might be wise to stay silent for the time being. her feelings could change in the future if you don't scare her off.

but then, you could also be wrong! i suppose this would be one of those situations where you could find an occasion to JOKINGLY say something like "ha! if you weren't my cousin, i'd kiss you!" and see what kind of reaction you get. just make sure that the 'joke' fits the occasion.

or with christmas coming, if there were some mistletoe you two 'accidentally' walked under, you could jokingly say "well look at that... i wonder how many rumors we'd start if we shared a traditional kiss under the mistletoe?"

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