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I tried having a look over the internet to see about trans & cousins whether they can adopt but came up with nothing. Hope someone can help you out about this though.

It would be good if you both can adopt, if both of you are in a stable relationship together  :smiley:

As you know i'm trans which others on here will be surprised by because i've not brought it up before but thought i should since you've had the guts to mention it  :smiley:

I don't want or like to adopt though but if you'd like to which you do by the sounds of it then that's great. Having loving parents is all that matters and the way i see it. At least Trans or even Gay people adopting, kids would be less screwed (messed) up. Not that all are screwed up from any other parents but social society and systems do screw people up unfortunately.

Good luck  :smiley:


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