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How to make sure my cousin loves me

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Hi there, im very new to this website so any help will be really appreciated :)

I live in Australia but come to were i originate from (Turkey) for holidays most of the time. My girl cousin here is two years younger than me, im 16 turning 17 very soon and she is 14 turnimg 15 very soon. She is a very nice person towards me. Talks to me about anything etc. She is also very protective over me. She is afraid other girls might be trying to take advantage of me (in sexual ways).she always looks up at me and respects me with alot of respect. We text occasionally and she has stated what a wonderful and clean hearted person i am a couple of times. When we go outside to do things like buy bread from the local shop, she'll get into my arm and walk in a very close manner to me. She has told me that she trusts me, and has alot of fun when we're around. I'm not sure if she loves me. I hope she does because i have a love feeling towards her as well. Everytime i see her i feel confident and i feel like hugging her 24/7. She is the most clean hearted person i habe ever met. How can i get her to some how admit her love to me and in return ill admit mine and from then onwards we'll be in a relationship. Btw im in Turkey for another month or so, so i dont have alot of time left before i return to Australia and continue on with my studies. Advice and expert opinion will be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Administrator

She is 14 and should be enjoying her childhood. She is certainly not old enough to be in a serious relationship. Let her be. Ask us this question five years from now if you must.

You are 16. You will have lots of fleeting romantic interests before you find the right one. Slow down my friend. Enjoy your childhood as well. You are trying to grow up wayyy too fast.

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Guest Anomomus

I waited for 9 years .....only made my feelings for him and his for me worse :) we were both 14 when we knew we loved each other and never said anything to each other. Now he told me (I'm now 23) how he feels I'm so happy :) I do truely love him and want to be with him forever. Because I can't see my life without him , hope that helps.

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  • Old Timer

I've been in love with my cousin for over a decade.  I wanted to be with him at 15 years old but looking back, I was a totally different and completely immature KID back then and as much as I desperately and still desperately love him it would've been a disaster. It would've been a disaster with anybody else, too.

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