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long distant relationship with cousin need advice.


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Me and my cousin have been having a long distant relationship for a year now. It all started really good and we were really happy especially when I saw her before her new semester started. I am her first boyfriend and I am madly in love with her. But since the new semester started for her (September 2014) there is this guy in her class that started flirting with her and she didn't pick up any of the hints until I told her about it. As time passed she started developing feelings for this guy and now she is unsure about our future and our relationship since she is starting to like the other guy a lot and she does not know how to deal with family finding out and that they will try to break us up. I really want to stay with her and I have talked to her about the issue with her and the guy and that I want us to work on our relationship and not have to worry about the other guy swooping you away. But every time she sees the guy or talks to the guy her feelings for me changes and we end up sad.

So is there any advice on how to keep my long distant relationship with my cousin and not lose her to the other guy?

Is there some way I can make her understand that its okay to choose happiness over how the family thinks and views us?

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Guest Anomomus

Sorry to be the one to tell you this I truely am, but it's not going to work if she feels like that. I'm in a long distance relationship with my 1st cousin and he would never even look at another girl cus we don't want anyone else. Simple as. If you love someone truely ....no other person can change your mind. No threats from family can split you up. And nothing in your life is surer in your mind. Please take my advice, and move on ....I know how hard it will be, but you have to before the family finds out, because she doesn't feel the same and she is leading you on.

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