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Just an idea for those who are struggling with their feelings

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I keep a diary and write down all kinds of stuff, important and non important. Well, I suddenly got the idea one day to keep a diary specifically for my cousin... I write quotes, song lyrics and poems that remind me of him and my love for him, I write down all my feelings and thoughts about the situation, I write "letters" to him in this diary. It really helps me. He hasn't read any of it, but I'm going to show it to him one day.

I just thought I'd share, in the hope that it might help others. For me, mulling over stuff and writing drafts helps me collect my thoughts before I jump into something (telling my cousin, deciding the next move, etc).

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  • Administrator

I could never have a diary with intimate details of my life just lying around. I guess you could disguise the names.

I do, however, Use Microsoft OneNote. I have a poetry section, lyrics, comedy and words. The poetry section is blank, like my mind 1/2 the time.

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