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different perspective, in love with older cousin

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I have no brothers or sisters, the only family I know is from my mothers side and from that I have two older cousins. My oldest Cousin is 42 has had two failed marriages due to poor choice of mates. My youngest cousins, male is happily married with two children. My oldest Cousin wants children so badly and says if she has to to she will do it solo on her own. For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to her. her personality, her features everything about her I have always loved. I have a massive physical attraction to her and  for some odd reason its only getting stronger and stronger. I can sense that she is attracted to me too, but I am so scared to mention anything to her. What should I do?

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she's 42. how old are you? just curious. it usually isn't very relevant unless you're still a kid.

you say she's had two failed marriages because she made a poor choice in mates. i want to caution you to be more realistic. marriage takes TWO, and the failure of a marriage also takes two. don't be so quick to blame all of what went wrong on them. if you put her on a pedestal, any relationship you forge with her will also fail. you have to recognize her shortcomings and accept them.

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