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Searching for knowledge and resources, Please help

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Is there any way to find resources or groups of couple cousins is my area? Like a support group? How would I go about finding them? Please if anyone knows or has an idea on how I can do this, please reply. Also I am still not giving up on my cousin and I, as he has been conflicted with our relationship in the last month. He wants to marry me, but feels this is wrong and he's been in Limbo with me ever since, now we've been living like roommates, with little affection as he's fighting everything he has. He doesn't want me to go anywhere, I don't either but I can only handle so much, so I'm in fighting mode for us. I've been doing research and been confronted about our relationship as it's not bad at all that we are pursuing this relationship. I know what we are doing is right. I ordered this book yesterday, has anyone read this book? Cousins: A Unique and Powerful Bond.  At this point I don't care who in society knows.... but he does. Also if someone can explain this to me.... Why is it that 26 states cousin marriage is OK, but the rest are not. There has to be an explanation behind this. I feel I wanna fight this till I can't anymore, at least I've tried. The law behind cousin marriage absurd! If there is any good resources such as books, anything that can help please let me know. I'm in need to know for myself about all this, the facts! All I can do is put this in Gods hands. Even if this doesn't work with him and I, I love him enough to give him this info so he doesn't have to live with guilt.

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i don't have a clue how to go about finding couples in your own area short of advertising in the classifieds of a local paper or something.

the book you mentioned is really very informative. but it has very little in it about cousin romances. it's really about the friendship bond of cousins. there is one chapter that covers the romantic aspect.

now, for the laws.... the reason 26 states have laws that prohibit it is that marriage is a states rights issue. that means the federal government keeps out of it, and lets each state decide who they want to allow to marry and who doesn't. until the late 1800s, ALL states allowed cousins to marry. then little by little people started getting paranoid, starting with a junk-science report called the bemiss report that gave the findings of a very biased study that was in support of the eugenics movement. the eugenics movement wanted to prevent the rapid assimilation of immigrants... too many irish folks coming over at the time i suppose, so they wanted a way to keep them as a minority. the way to do that was to prohibit marriages among cousins, since that was very common at the time.

these days, cousin marriage has become so uncommon that people really have no clue about the facts. since it is a cultural taboo there is a presumption that babies born to cousins will have two heads and three eyeballs or something. so occasionally some state or another will pass a bill that prohibits cousin marriage... and usually, they slip it into another bill so that it goes completely under the radar and people don't even realize it is getting passed until it is too late. such is the case with texas, the most recent state to pass such a law. when warren jeffs, an extremist leader of a fringe group of mormons got run out of las vegas and fled to texas to avoid prosecution in nevada for having married off minor girls to older relatives, texas wanted to make sure his group didn't start doing that here. so they passed a law that was supposed to protect MINORS from being married off to adults. but they didn't word it in a way that stopped at arranging marriages between children and adults, they specified cousins... and didn't bother to unspecify consenting adults. so that's how texas got its law. or at least that's my understanding of how it went down.

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