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I just told my cousin I am attracted to her.

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And was rejected. I feel pretty awful. I told her that I often feel guilty for being attracted to her, but there is another side of me that understands that I cannot control how I feel. And I had to find out if there was a chance she felt the same way.

I told her that in many parts of the world it is not unnatural for cousins to be attracted to each other, but that in the USA it is very culturally frowned upon. She didnt know that, but still said she could only see me as a cousin. Plus I am a few years older than her and she has no interest in dating older guys, and in fact likes to date guys younger than her. She said if her feelings ever change in the future she would tell me but that she does not think they will.

Anyway, I feel like garbage. I know a part of me, somewhere, is happy that I was honest. But another part of me now just feels like the biggest piece of trash walking the Earth. She is going to keep it between us, and we talked about trying to become closer and spend more time together- as cousins.

Anyway, I felt the urge to tell you people. Not sure why exactly. I have read this forum quite a few times and it made me feel less alone. But at the moment I am just sad and feel like I am garbage and incapable of anyone loving me or even liking me. So it is not a great feeling.

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Dear namenamename,

I am sorry to hear about you and your cousin. Don't worry though, things will get better. It may be bad now, but it'll get easier. You'll meet somebody else, just take some time to get over your cousin, if you need to. Stay positive.

Take care, and best wishes - worst1441

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