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Guest ~ Dusk ~

How to ask/tell your cousin you want to kiss them?

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Guest ~ Dusk ~

I am 13 years old but not new to the love "game".

I live in Ontario, Canada. I've been attracted to my cousin for about 3 years now and I only just found out that she likes me in the same way. I don't know how to aproche a kiss let alone ask for one.

The things I have done with her are:

I have held her hand, Kissed her on the check, Layed with her and we slept with each other (not sexually just to clarify).

I know how to treat a girl and how to act.

I'm leaving to live with my dad for high school and I will not get to see her as often as I can. On holidays (not all of them :[ ). So I want to let her know more about my feelings for her and hopefully kiss. I would do anything for her because she's family and there's a bigger spot in my heart then just family.

Hopefully someone can help me. Please and Thank you.

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Well, I think you will both know when the time is right for a kiss.

You both are still very young, if you want to advance on your feelings I would suggest you wait until your both adults. Wait until you both have an education, are financially stable, and are more mature. She is your cousin, not just another girl, don't rush things. Your feelings may change when you get older, take your time.

Best wishes- worst1441

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