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Developing a special bond with my cousin

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My Aunt Lisa hosted Christmas last year. To my surprise, my cousin Ricky attended! I haven't seen him in years! We were busy with other relatives, we didn't have that much time to talk that day, but thankfully we both ended up staying the night at Aunt Lisa's house. We ended up hanging out quite a bit the next day. We also ended up going to the snow. We had snowball fights and went inner tubing. It was a blast! A few weeks passed I saw him again at my cousin Robbie's hockey game. When I was there I was anxious to hug him and see him but Robbie's sister Sophie just jumped on me so I didn't get to hug Ricky. Thanks Sophie! >_< after the hockey game, we ended up going to Burger King and played in the playground. That's one of the things I love about Ricky, we're kids at heart. A few weeks later I ended up spending the weekend with him. We took a romantic stroll in the park and really bonded. We talked about our likes, dislikes, hobbies, hopes & dreams. Then we went to the movies. We snuggled and had fun. By the time we got out of the theater it was midnight and I was cold. He gave me his sweatshirt to wear. I thought that was really sweet. Then we went to the jacuzzi and hung out some more. After that we watched stupid but funny YouTube videos until he fell asleep at 5:00 am. ever since then we have been texting nonstop. We share more than a friendship, there's a special connection.

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The last time I saw Ricky (the cousin who I have a crush on) was when I spent the weekend at his house.

We began our visit by watching a little bit of South Park and then watched some of "The Interview" on Netflix, but halfway through the movie, Netflix started acting up so he asked me if I wanted to take a walk. I said sure.

We went to a nearby park and walked for a hour or two. We talked a lot. We learned about each other's likes, dislikes, hobbies and pretty much everything about each other.

Then around 4:00pm, we went to the movies. We saw Jupiter Asscending, Project Almanac and 50 Shades Of Grey.

There were small breaks inbetween each movie. So we decided to go to the photo booth. We did it 3 times. We were very close to each other & hugged ALOT! I bet everyone there thought we were dating. We also played a game. It was an arcade version of foos ball. After that we played a dancing game.

By the time we finished seeing all of the movies,  it was midnight and I was freezing outside. He asked me if was ok. I replied, "yeah." He said "I should give you my sweatshirt." I said, "ok." I wore his sweatshirt until we decided to go to the jacuzzi. It was relaxing and fun. We talked even more! It was around 3:00 am by the time we got out of the jacuzzi.

After we showered, we just watched funny/stupid YouTube videos until he fell asleep around 5:00 am.

His little brother Mark woke up a couple hours later. I must've fallen asleep too, because I remember opening my eyes & seeing  Mark. Then I saw Ricky. We were all laying down, I was curled up on my side and I felt a hand on my side. I obviously thought it was Mark but I turned my head around and saw Mark playing on my phone. The hand was Ricky's. I just held it there for a few minutes.

Then we got ready for the day. We ate some breakfast and watched some TV. Then sadly I had to leave. So I gave Ricky and everyone else a giant hug, and said goodbye.

During that weekend, I caught Ricky staring at me A LOT! Also, we exchanged numbers so we texted a bit. He also said that I have pretty hair and pretty eyes. I kept his sweatshirt too :)

The weekend was unforgettable and reminded me how amazing a guy can actually be. I shouldn't settle for anything less, because ladies, that's how a guy should treat you...like a princess!

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i'm not sure why all your posts have been separated into separate topics, but i'm going to merge them all into one thread, and then delete the duplicates. really, one spot to tell your story one time is all that ya need... but it's weird because even my own response in one of them seems to have been split off to a new topic. so i'm going to do some housekeeping and wanted you to know so you wouldn't get lost trying to find your stuff.

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